Primitive Dependencies with Simple Injector

This article describes how to extend the Simple Injector with convension based configuration for primitive constructor arguments.


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Returning data from command handlers

This article extends the architectural design of command handlers to allow command handlers to return data.


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Adding Covariance and Contravariance to Simple Injector

A few weeks back I read this question on Stackoverflow. The question was about applying covariance / contravariance (or variance for short) to the Autofac dependency injection container. The question triggered me to think about variance support in Simple Injector. I was wondering whether special changes were needed to the core framework to allow this. However, it didn't take me long to realize that enabling variance is actually pretty easy for anyone using the Simple Injector. The prerequisites are a proper application design and .NET 4.0.


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Faking your LINQ Provider part 2: Optimizing performance with fetching strategies

This sequel explains how to write O/RM specific performance optimizations in such a way that the core business logic won’t be affected. This article builds on top of the foundation described in part 1 and uses the Fetching Strategy design pattern to achieve this goal.


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Simple Injector: Working with multiple constructors

Although limited in features, the Simple Injector has simple but flexible way to add features, such as the possibility to work with multiple constructors.


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Simple Injector - The easiest Dependency Injection framework in town

The Simple Injector is an easy-to-use Inversion of Control library for .NET and Silverlight. It solely supports code-based configuration and is an ideal starting point for developers unfamiliar with larger IoC / DI libraries.


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